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It's been said, "Randy Souders paints the world the way you want it to be."   But if you ask him, he'll tell you he usually just creates places he wants to visit and spend time in. His paintings range from realism, to magic realism and occasionally venture into pure fantasy. Regardless of subject or themem his unique perspective and technique produces a distinctive style that's easily recognized and long remembered.  

As a child, Randy created drawings that were both highly accurate and loaded with with detail. The same approach has remained constant  throughout his career. His meticulous approach typically limits his output to a hand full of paintings each year. He says "I want my work to stop people in their tracks from yards away... pull them in... and the closer they get the more there is for them to see."

Randy marks his entry into the "art profession" with his first one man show November 8, 1978. The date was memorable as it happened to be his 24th birthday. Coincidentally, one of his early influences --Norman Rockwell-- died that same night. A few years later Randy became the only artist to have had his works exhibited in the Norman Rockwell Museum in Philadelphia. The museum was housed in the Curtis Publishing building in Philadelphia-- home of the Saturday Evening Post and a place frequented by Rockwell.

In 1980 Randy published his first limited edition print  entitled "Victorian Reflections." That edition consisted of 500 signed & numbered copies and  proceeds benefitted the National Paralysis Foundation.  He credits the printing of his paintings for greatly expanding public awareness and for generating thousands of enthusiastic collectors. Publishing quickly led to the opening of his own gallery, frame shop and mail order business. He also sold prints to hundreds of other galleries and frame shops.

In June of 1990 Randy began a partnership with the Walt Disney Company™ that continues to this day. His first painting entitled "Cinderella Castle" caught the attention of Disney Chairman and CEO Michael Eisner who wrote him a personal letter of appreciation. Disney commissions him to create original artworks and he remains a featured gallery artist in their various parks and resorts, on their cruise ships and on their website. They are the exclusive publisher and marketer of these works which are collected by thousands of "Disneyana" enthusiasts around the globe. Disney grants Randy artistic recognition for his work.

With the exception of Disney™ and MGM™, Randy has self-published virtually all of his print editions. He personally supervises and approves all aspects of their creation and distribution which guarantees fidelity to his originals and allows him to insure his market is never over saturated.

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Randy, Jamie and daughter Melissa ~1990
Roy Madearis Photography ~ Arlington, Texas

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