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It's been said, "Randy Souders paints the world the way you want it to be."   But as he puts it, he simply creates images he personally finds interesting and hopes others also enjoy. 

Randy's paintings range from realism, to magic realism and occasionally into pure fantasy. He applies his own unique perspective and technique to everything he creates. The result is a distinctive style that's easily recognized.   People regularly report "Souders sightings" in someone's home, office or public places.

As a child, Randy was known for his drawings that were packed with detail. His meticulous approach to painting typically limits him to a hand full of paintings each year. Randy marks his entry into the profession with his first "one man show" November 8, 1978 --the date of his 24th birthday. Coincidentally, Norman Rockwell died that same night. A few years later Randy became the only artist to have his works exhibited in the Normal Rockwell Museum in Philadelphia. He remains personal friends with the artist's granddaughter Abigail.   

Randy's early paintings were offered in the $50-$300 range and sold quickly. Even as new paintings quickly rose in price it soon became difficult to supply the demand. In order to make his work affordable and accessible to a larger audience he began publishing prints in 1980.  He says, "prints are rather like records are to a musician... or movies to an actor." The reproduction of his paintings greatly expanded his presence resulting in thousands of enthusiastic collectors. His publishing led to the opening of his own gallery, frame shop and mail order business.

In June of 1990 Randy began a partnership with the Walt Disney Company™ that continues to this day. He remains a featured gallery artist in their various parks and resorts, on their cruise ships and on their website. Disney commissions him to create original artworks. They are the exclusive publisher and marketer of his creations which are collected by thousands of "Disneyana" enthusiasts around the globe. Disney grants Randy is granted "artistic recognition" for his work" which he says is "a big thrill for a kid who grew up watching Disney's 'Wonderful World of Color' on a black & white TV.

With the exception of Disney, Randy has self-published virtually all of his print editions. This means that he has personally supervises and controls all aspects of their creation and distribution. It also allows him to insure that his market is not over saturated.

Occasionally collectors want an original painting that is custom created just for them.  Randy is often able to collaborate with collectors on specially commissioned artworks. If that interests you then click here for more information.

Randy's studio is closed to the public. The best method of contact is via email 

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