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Gallery of Artworks

A Celebration of the historic landmarks of the
Lone Star State
by Randy Souders

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"County Seat"
Based on the Wise county courthouse ~ Decatur, Texas

Appeared on millions of Texas telephone book covers

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"Independence Day"
Tarrant County Courthouse ~ Fort Worth, Texas

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"The Bishop's Palace"
Gresham's Castle~ Galveston, Texas


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"Texas Gold"
Painting and print edition fundraiser for the Texas Historic Foundation

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"Autumn Years"
Gainesville, Texas

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"Penn Street"
Eddleman-McFarland House ~ Fort Worth, Texas

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"Cattle Baron's Ball"
Elecrta Waggoner~"Thistle Hill" Mansion ~ Fort Worth, Texas

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"Harvest Time"
Pollock~Capps Home ~ Fort Worth, Texas

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"Queen Anne"
Cleburne, Texas

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"Victorian Reflections"
Based partly on a home in Itasca, Texas

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"Yard Work"
Based on a home in Waxahachie, Texas

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Based on a home in Calvert, Texas

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"Home for the Holidays"
Based on a home in Henderson, Texas

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"Sleigh Ride"
Gainesville, Texas

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~In progress~
"The Fulton Mansion"
Rockport, Texas



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Sewing & Homemaking  

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Medical & Dental

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Christmas & Snow

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Wizard of OZ™

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