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"A catalogue raisonné is a comprehensive, annotated listing of all the known artworks by an artist either in a particular medium or all media. The works are described in such a way that they may be reliably identified by third parties." --Wikipedia

To have your work included... please email us a photo of your original painting (unless it can already be found anywhere on our website) along with you contact information, the size of the painting (not including frame), whether on wood panel or canvas, the title (if known); when, where or how aquired (if known) and as many other details as you can provide (i.e. the purchase amount, any writing or notations on the back etc).

What will happen next... we will quickly authenticate your painting, send you a "letter of provenance" and a current estimate of replacement value (note, we are not licensed "appraisers"). We will enter the details you  provide into our secure, >offline< database. Your personal private information will not be accessible online or made public to others. We would, however, like to be able to show the image online or in print. We can publish your name as owner with your written consent.

Currently looking for the owners of these paintings (click to enlarge)... 

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